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me being skinny is one of the best things i can do for myself, and the relationships i have with others. i am dating a beautiful boy currently. i mean it. -personally, i am not a fan of zac efron AT ALL, but he is constantly compared to him. 

let me clarify, not style-wise, my boy has wonderful style. but he’s got in the face i suppose.

so we see my point here. and his ex was extremely skinny, i’d say 105 tops. and pretty. and here i am, 134.5. DISGUSTING WEIGHT. i’m sure he weighs like 5 pounds more than i. the thought of that makes me sick. 

i am DONE being and feeling this way. i’m going to fucking burn the calories off of my damn thighs, my damn ass, my stupid fucking stomach, and my chubby-ass arms. food isn’t worth this. at all. not feeling like this. 

i just want to be a waif. then i wont dread him touching me in certain areas, or doing physical things at all. what a weight off of my shoulders (literally) that will be lifted. i’m hoping i can get to 120 by mid september.

stepped on the scale after another week of school


so this is working better than simply cutting calories and exercising everyday.

i am going to eat even less this week.



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eat a little

exercise a lot.

i started my freshman year of college about a week and a half ago. i went home last night and weighed myself. 5 lbs gone. and really i’ve just been forgetting to eat, carrying heavy things around, and walking everywhere. 

i was distracted getting ready for college and let go of my weight loss goals. but 120’s here i come. for sure.

Cross the line if you believe that if you were skinny, all your problems would be solved.